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About us

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Crow Alarms has faithfully served thousands of customers throughout Sydney and the surrounding suburbs by offering superior quality across our expansive range of security products, and unrivalled workmanship through our reputable installation, maintenance, upgrade and repair services.

Crow Alarms has security experts available around the clock, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that our clients receive only the highest levels of security available.

Our alarm installation, maintenance, repair and upgrade services are available to new and existing customers and those wishing to step away from their obsolete, third-party systems.

Book any Crow Alarm service and we’ll strive to have your property seen to by a qualified professional.

Whether you’re looking to have your alarm system’s backup batteries replaced or you need high-definition CCTV installed throughout your property, Crow Alarms has the experience and the expertise to meet and exceed on your expectations.

Our technicians are fully qualified and arrive equipped to handle an incredibly wide range of alarm-related services – we aim to have all of your installations and associated issues resolved within just 2-3 days for corporate customers and just 1 business day for domestic clients.

Please note that whilst we will always do our best to provide the fastest and most efficient service possible, completion times will vary depending on your exact specifications and the complexity of the project at hand.

The Crow Alarms Promise:

We will always strive to work quickly, professionally and cost-effectively as a means to save our clients time and hassle.
We will never work away from a job if it’s not complete.
We will always do our best to arrive with the necessary tools and the expertise to back them so that we can tend to your issues straight away.
We will always ensure that the staff that serve you are qualified and insured to do so.
We will always provide our clients with leading alarm technology as a means to maximise their defence potential.