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Issues with your Backup Batteries or External Power Supply?

In the event of a power-cut, your alarm system’s backup battery is the only thing keeping your property safe.

Backup batteries are installed in such a way that makes it very difficult for even the most seasoned of burglars to overcome your first line of defence, and by ensuring that your battery is always performing at it’s peak will give you the peace of mind and ongoing security that you, your family and your business needs.

Many Australians come to terms with the fact that their alarm systems are essential to maintaining their safety, but unfortunately, many forget to regularly service or replace their backup batteries. Experienced criminals are more than aware of this downfall and, as such, when they elect to perform a burglary on a given property, all they need to do is cut the main power, and there goes the alarm.

Added to this, if the power supply to your property were to be cut off for whatever reason, be it a technical service taking place in the area, severe weather conditions, load shedding, late payments, or anything else – burglars and thieves will be on the prowl, looking for properties that don’t appear to be protected.

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By having your backup batteries and external power supply units regularly serviced by a qualified Crow Alarms technician, you can rest assured that your property’s defences will stand strong in times of need.

Most insurance companies will ask that your home alarm systems and backup batteries are serviced at least once a year. They go on to request that your commercial or industrial properties be serviced at least once every six months (twice a year). Ignoring these recommendations may affect your ability to make a claim in the event of a crime!