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Back-to-Base Monitoring involves equipping your home, office, warehouses or labs with an industry-leading, dual-functioning alarm and security system that incorporates the latest in motion detection and pressure sensitivity, coupled with the watchful eyes of Crow Alarms’ security experts.

With Crow Alarms’ Back-to-Base Monitoring, your property’s in great hands!

Back-to-Base Monitoring takes all the stress and hassle away from your regular security system; any system errors, faults on the line, overly sensitive sensors, false alarms and a wide range of other issues can be handled by your very own, live support team.

Your Back-to-Base Monitoring Solutions are useless without a fully-functional back-up power source! Get yours repaired or replaced today!

When you’re away on holiday and a curious possum sets the alarm off, your Back-to-Base Monitoring team will inform you about the situation and proceed to reset your alarm – that means no irritations for your neighbours and no temptations for prowling thieves.

Back-to-Base Monitoring also allows for a faster guard and emergency response service. Should a crime be taking place on your property, we can arrange to have a trained security guard despatched to the location and organise for the appropriate emergency services to offer assistance too.

Crow Alarms’ Back-to-Base Monitoring gives rise to some real peace of mind.

We work to have all Back-to-Base solutions set-up and installed, repaired, serviced or upgraded within just one working day for homeowners. We aim to have all commercial and industrial projects finalised within just two-to-three business days. Please bear in mind that these times may vary, depending on the size and complexity of the task at hand.

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