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Burglaries take place in Australia in a number of ways – whether people have left a window open or their front door, or they’ve gone to sleep without turning the alarm on and the list goes on. Many people are under the premise that if your doors are locked and your alarm is on, they’re safe.


If your back-up battery is old, faulty, low on power or just not functioning as it should, any experienced burglars and thieves can easily gain access to your property. Your back-up battery or external power supplies are your alarm system’s lifeline. When the power to your property is cut, it’s your back-up battery that’ll be working to have the police and your back-to-base monitoring teams notified!

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We strongly recommend and most insurance companies will insist that you have your domestic properties inspected at least once a year and that all commercial and industrial properties have their batteries serviced at least twice a year (once every six months). If you fail to have your back-up battery serviced on a regular basis, you might lose your ability to make a claim if you were to suffer a burglary or theft.

Back-up batteries are designed to provide your entire system with enough power to last for 8 hours in the event of a power cut. As such, they are produced to work in emergency situations only. Furthermore, due to the amount of power they are expected to carry, back-up batteries of all makes, types and ages will begin to lose their charge over time. That is why is is so important to have them regularly serviced, inspected or replaced.

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